Soft Touch Horsemanship The Mind Body Connection  

~~By God's Directions.  This is His Program--not ours!~~





Soft-Touch Horsemanship --A 'Fresh-Start' to Riding Program

Get into the Rythem of Riding a horse. Communication, Coordination, Confidence, & Control.

FOR: 'COMMON SENSE' of Natural Horsemanship -- & MORE!     [Safety, Survival]

ALSO see: STQuantumHorsemanship --For Higher Consciousness, Personal Growth & Healing  FOR: Mind-Body & Soul!    This is how our 'riding program' helps our clients =MUCH MORE! 

  • Our 'PROCESS' of teaching is infectuous and goal oriented --just for YOU, whatever your needs!  

 ANY Questions?        For more information --from over 50 years experience in & out of the horse industry.

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Ride with compassion and more communication.

  The basis for our program strategy was first documented in 1982.  Our study has displayed unexpected results, and is available to you. Join our study to help others with natural horses and riding, both misunderstood --or too long.    

 Hand use for riding horses .

 Riding Mentor & Coach MAKE THE SHIFT from conventional / traditional riding, to the study of natural human behavior in mind-body-brain connections --when with the horses.  LEARN MORE than just riding a saddle!  See my thorn!


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Problem horses-?    RIDING LESSONS    'FLUIDITY' --The highest of HIGH RIDING --as we see it!


The BLAST! [Specialty FUN-Learning-to-ride Program for nervous, shy or frightened adults --who also named the program for us!]

Why not join us --so we can help you stay grounded --and ON the horse!

see horsemanship studies!  several pages [More added later]

Rose age 17                    First horse 'My Delite'                 Tonkin 2-3 yrs                     Tonkin 2011


 BIO-Founder  Who would have known her internal questions would direct her life-path --to helping both horse and human.

We help you reduce stress so symptoms disappear.  All with our power-filled FreshStart Program.

Medical profession says:  ‘If we do not medicate –what can we do?’    SEND THEM --TO US!

        Have clients already come to Rose?   YES!  Of course!

Is a Great Facility what we really need-?  NO!

 We really need a smaller PRIVATE facility to BETTER --serve our clients!

We TEACH--because we want you to really 'get it' --with our Universal Safety & Survival Program.

                                        We help you find what's missing with your horse, your riding --and, in your life! 

 JUST ADDED--for the horse:  CRIB

ANY '$ GIFTS' serve our CLIENTS FIRST 100% --also pay bills etc. for OUR 5-WAY-WIN!

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  1. 'Fresh Start' --Our 'Base Program' --for integrated horsemanship, and life change.

  2.  Soft touch horsemanship --Riding's Safety & Survival Program --plus extended horsemanship

  3. 'STQuantumhorsemanship' --Higher Connections, Spirituality --the basis for healing

  4. --The results of 'STQ'--including personal healing

  5. --Unspoken words heard by founder --through sensitivity --miracles, and a near death experience  [NDE] 

  6. 'Rose at theBarn'  --The Founder's story --behind this work!

Some call it MEDICINE!  We say:  This is God's Program!


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The Medical profession says; 'IF we do not Medicate --what can we do?'  SEND THEM --TO US!